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Experience a pleasant warm welcome. A perfect blend of agri and rural tourism will be one of the best holiday destinations near pune.

Its time to become close of nature’s drift. Now days we are in unknown hurry and self-owned race. At SAHYADRI AGRI RESORT you will find path where we introduce with nature on large landscape. SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM include across 20 acres with unlimited pick holes.

We welcome you at lush green and nature blessed SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM , yes it seems different combination because this not only a resort and not fulfilled with modern life style equipped like A.C., cooler etc. Here we try to show you a nature escape with unforgotten experience and remembering experience. Here you heard different types bird and animal voices and everyone can recall their inner soul at best picnic spot near khadakwasla.
Now days life becomes very stressful and full of obstacles and it will become complicated more we away from our nature. We come with concept of agri tourism not agro resort.

At SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM every time we try to show some new aspect of nature which takes you in nature’s big potali with unlimited escape at the exotic holiday destinations near pune.

Holiday destinations near pune
Holiday destinations resorts near pune

Mr. Balasaheb B. Barate

  • Born in a Farmer's Family
  • Education completed at Pune University
  • In April 2002,He gained 17 acres of Farming on occasion of Gudipadva
  • In 2002-2011, Gained the Highest Standard of Organic Farming
  • In 2011, Sahyadri Agritourism began to be an Agrarian business
  • In 2010 Appointed as director of Maharashtra State Agri and Rural Tourism Co-operative Federation (MART)
  • In 2012 Elected as Chairman of Maharashtra State Agri and Rural Tourism Co-operative Federation (MART)

  • Awards:
  • Swa. Chandrakantaji kirloskar Award (2017)
  • Raghukul Pratishthan Karandi (2016)
  • Pune udyojak sangh (2005)


Your visit to SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM Is the Agritourism Capital of the Region with Empowered, Self Replicant, Resilient and healthy families enjoying a safe environment anchored on the Principles of sustainable development.


To buid Happy and Helthy life by given experiences of agri and village culture tourism are used many times.

Why we are different

Your visit to SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM (SAT) will be memorable experience because of many reason and these reasons makes us different. We have unique concept that increase affection in the field of agriculture and we have been practicing various ways to make a bridge between urban life and rural life With the proud we provide you an organic food with variety and great taste with love and affection which is very beneficiary for our self. Here everyone will be catch-up with exciting nature view in all season where you turn around and you feel like nestled in surrounding of Sahyadri Mountains. Our team trained professionally to serve you better with gentle touch how to explore rural life in limited time schedule, because we must pass on our rural heritage to our next generation, that’s why we insist to provide pure rural life experience. At SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM you should try farming as a farmer and take a lifetime experience with Mother Nature. In this way you could be known actual farming at exotic holiday destinations near pune.

Holiday spot near pune

Surrounded by Nature


At SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM everybody experience pleasant and warm welcome, where lush green walk have been started with a warm traditional welcome from our team. We at SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM are committed give excellent countryside experience with lot of fun to have different types of farming and you will be take active part in these. We have our cattle farm and it will be a memorable for you.

At SAHYADRI AGRI TOURISM we try hard to provide you a real experience connected to actual rural life because people from urban sector don’t have a chance to enjoying while working in farm or cattle farm. That’s why we arranged work experience in farm with cattle farm program. In this schedule you will get a experience with happiness of rural work life and you feel for a while as a skilled farmer, this is a lifetime experience which soothing your soul internally.